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Lunch & Listen: Sen. Jay Chaudhuri on the special session and the GOP’s push to undercut a fair, independent judiciary (Audio)

The North Carolina House and Senate return to Raleigh at noon tomorrow for yet another special session.

House Speaker Tim Moore has indicated they will try to cover a laundry list of issues [1] in just a few short days.

But Senator Jay Chaudhuri [2] says the issue that concerns him most is the GOP’s push to redrawing judicial districts [3].

“This really has ended up becoming a sustained attack on the judiciary.”

Click below to hear Sen. Chaudhuri’s recent radio interview with NC Policy Watch’s Chris Fitzsimon as they discuss judicial redistricting, damaging cuts to the Attorney General’s office and school funding:


http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/News-and-Views-for-10-01-2017_SEGMENT-ONE.mp3 [5]