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Legislative Democratic Women’s Caucus demands change following allegations of sexual harassment

The Joint Legislative Democratic Women’s Caucus outlined a three-point plan Wednesday to address harassment, misconduct and discrimination in the North Carolina General Assembly. Members want legislative leaders to institute:

Signed by co-chairs Senator Erica Smith [1] and Rep. Carla Cunningham [2], the statement went on to read: “Request for sex/sexual favors as conditions of employment, gender biased appointments and assignments, inappropriate gestures, physical contact or innuendos, discriminatory comments, jokes and the use of racial epithets are serious breaches of professional ethics and workplace standards.”

These acts should never be tolerated and always confronted. [3]Click To Tweet [3]

The strongly-worded action comes on the heels of allegations of misconduct [4] by Rep. Duane Hall. The three-term Wake County Democrat has denied any wrongdoing.

Read the full text of the caucus’ statement below: