Still time to comment on SNAP change that means loss of food assistance for 106,000

The public comment period closes next week on a proposed rule change in the way the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) is administered.

The Trump administration’s proposed change would make 3.1 million fewer Americans eligible for food assistance. That includes 106,000 low income North Carolinians — 38,000 of them children.

At issue: a provision called “broad-based categorical eligibility” which gives states increased flexibility

when deciding who qualifies for food assistance. Proponents point to the provision as helping low income families, senior citizens and people with disabilities receive food assistance while also keeping a modest savings.

Brian Kennedy, public policy analyst with the N.C. Budget & Tax Center, lays out the argument for the provision — along with a fact sheet on the proposed change — here.

There’s still time for the public to comment on the proposed change here before the Sept. 23 deadline.

You can also read the more than 9,000 public comments already submitted here.

If you’ve ever felt like your government should have to listen to you, this may be your shot.

Agencies must read all comments, according to the Office of the Federal Register, and “consider all relevant matter presented”

“At? the? end? of ?the ?process,? the ?agency? must? base? its? reasoning? and? conclusions? on? the? rule making ?record,?consisting ?of? the ?comments,? scientific? data,? expert? opinions and? facts? accumulated ?during ?the? pre?rule? and?proposed? rule? stages,” according to the office.

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