Another lobbyist nominated for UNC Board of Governors seat

Next week the N.C. House Rules committee will consider a replacement for Rob Bryan, who is exiting the UNC Board of Governors to take Dan Bishop’s seat in the N.C. Senate.

The nominee for the seat, Reginald R. Holley, is a politically well-connected Republican from Brunswick County. He served as Deputy State Director for former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole and is a former Director of the State Youth Council for the North Carolina State Department of Administration.

Reginald R. Holley

He is also a registered lobbyist. That isn’t unique on the board — five other members are current or former lobbyists (Tom Fetzer, Thom Goolsby, Darrell Allison, Pearl Burris-Floyd and David Powers).

For the 2019 term, Holley’s clients include Partners for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, Inc., a conservative “school choice” organization that has pushed for expanding private school vouchers in the state.

Partners for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, Inc. is part of a well funded triad of organizations — along with Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina and North Carolina Citizens for Freedom in Education IE PAC — that have shared the same Raleigh address and and staff members. Until last year Board of Governors member Darrell Allison was president of the Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, for which Holley also lobbied.

Holley’s 2019 term clients also include the Carolina Small Business Development Fund, Judd K. Roth Real Estate Development, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and CT Solutions LLC.

Holley has also lobbied for the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, Citizens for Community Action NC and the North Carolina Bail Agents Association.

House Minority Leader Darren Jackson (D-Wake) took to twitter to criticize the nomination the method by which UNC board of governors members are chosen.

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