Meeting schedule unclear for NC House Select Committee on COVID-19

[Update: Joseph Kyzer, director of communications for NC House Speaker Tim Moore, responded to Policy Watch late Monday.

“The public will be able to live stream the meetings like a normal committee through Room 1228 on the legislative website,” Kyzer wrote. ” We hope to have the first meeting of a working group on Wednesday or Thursday. Right now we are still getting our committees connected online and chairs prepared for the digital platform. Look for the committee notices to be sent out in the coming days.”]

The North Carolina House Select Committee on COVID-19 and its Health Care Working Group will begin meeting “immediately,” Rep. Verla Insko, a member of the committee, announced Monday. But the other committee members are not clear on when the first meeting, to be held by teleconference or video conference, will be held or how the public may access audio of the committee’s proceedings.

Rep. Verla Insko (D-Orange)

Rep. Insko (D-Orange) announced her membership on the committee in a Monday press release.

“I am ready to get to work with my Republican and Democratic colleagues to find solutions,” Insko said in the release. “We need input from citizens, doctors, nurses, and health care professionals on their best ideas.”

“As well as dealing with the pressing issues in the midst of this health care crisis, there are also steps we need to take to prepare for the long-term,” Insko said. “The high number of uninsured people in North Carolina makes us particularly vulnerable.”

Asked by Policy Watch for a day and time for the first meeting and how the public may access audio of the meetings, Insko’s legislative assistant said “Currently, NCGA did not provide any detail information regarding this committee arrangement.”

Questions on the committee schedule to House Speaker Tim Moore, who chairs the committee, were not immediately answered Monday. Policy Watch is following up on those questions with leadership and various members of the committee.

The committee has established a web portal for public input and Insko is encouraging the public to contact the committee her via that portal or her office directly by phone at 919-733-7208.


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Meeting schedule unclear for NC House Select Committee on COVID-19