Berger, Tills should apologize, rein in staffs in wake of outrageous COVID statements

Phil Berger

Thom Tillis

We all know that politics – especially in the present contentious era – is no pillow fight. As our nation and state wrestle with dozens of enormously important and divisive issues, it’s easy for anyone to get carried away and make stupid or inappropriate comments.

That said, there must be zero tolerance for public officials who issue false or inaccurate statements about public health and safety and in so doing, put human lives at-risk.

And that should start with state Senate leader Phil Berger and U.S. Senator Thom Tillis.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Berger’s office issued a statement yesterday attacking the most recent CDC mask guideline by claiming it quote “isn’t about science,” that it represents quote “Left-Wing bureaucrats playing political games and trying to control Americans lives,” and is something the public should, like recommendations not to consume raw cookie dough, ignore.

Meanwhile, Tillis issued a response to the mask guidance in which he uttered the preposterous assertion that “The Biden administration apparently doesn’t trust the science, and they clearly don’t trust the American people to take personal responsibility for their own choices.”

Both of these statements are simply unconscionable. The CDC scientists grappling with this deadly and vexing pandemic are certainly not perfect, but to suggest that Americans should ignore their best and most up-to-date recommendation is the act of an accomplice to the crisis not a responsible public servant.

The statements are also just plain stupid. Why in the hell would CDC or Biden want to issue a new mask recommendation — something that everyone wishes were not necessary? What possible benefit — political or otherwise — does it provide them?

People hate masks. They’re an enormous pain.

They are, however, good for one very important purpose: limiting the spread of the virus and saving lives.

Both men should loudly and publicly apologize, retract their outrageous statements and fire the staffers responsible for them.

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Berger, Tills should apologize, rein in staffs in wake of outrageous COVID statements