Columnist neatly sums up latest Texas/SCOTUS assault on women

Be sure to check out Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus’s on-the-mark assessment of this week’s disastrous assault on the health and well-being of American women.

As Marcus explains in “The Supreme Court aids and abets Texas in violating women’s constitutional rights,” the new anti-reproductive freedom law in the nation’s second largest state (and the decision of five Supreme Court justices not to strike it down immediately) is an outrage:

“Congratulations, Texas, you did it. You figured out a way to write an antiabortion law that everyone agrees is unconstitutional under current law — and to ensure that the women whose rights are being violated don’t have the ability to challenge it in court…

The upshot: Women in Texas aren’t entitled to abortions, except the lucky ones who figure out they are pregnant early enough (just six weeks after their last menstrual period) and manage to surmount the additional hurdles that the state has put in their way (a 24-hour waiting period after a mandatory ultrasound and state-dictated script).”

As Marcus goes on to explain, the scheme concocted by anti-choice advocates and their lackeys in the Texas legislature (and blessed for now by the Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and the three Trump appointees on the Court), whereby private citizens will enforce the new abortion ban rather than state officials, is both preposterous and diabolical.

Marcus quotes justice Sotomayor for this accurate assessment of her colleagues’ remarkable inaction:

“The majority, she wrote, ‘has rewarded the state’s effort to delay federal review of a plainly unconstitutional statute, enacted in disregard of the court’s precedents, through procedural entanglements of the state’s own creation. The court should not be so content to ignore its constitutional obligations to protect not only the rights of women, but also the sanctity of its precedents and of the rule of law.’”

The bottom line: there’s pretty much nothing that the nation’s anti-choice minority won’t try in the pursuit of its long-term agenda of sending women in search of reproductive healthcare back to the back alleys, and at this moment, a fundamental human right hangs by a thread.

Now is the time for all caring and thinking people to stand up and take a stand against this outrageous assault on freedom.

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