Editorial tells GOP and its flunkies the truth about the latest state income tax cuts

Be sure to check out this morning’s lead editorial in the North Carolina McClatchy twins — Raleigh’s News & Observer and Charlotte Observer. In “A frustrated GOP wants to know: Why aren’t North Carolinians celebrating tax cuts?” the authors detail the folly of the latest state income tax cuts enacted by the Republican-led General Assembly (and why average North Carolinians aren’t celebrating them wildly).

As the editorial explains, the lack of enthusiasm amongst voters isn’t due to failures of the “liberal media” as the GOP mouthpiece group, the Carolina Partnership for Reform, laughably alleges.

Here’s the on-the-mark conclusion to the essay:

But there may be a better explanation for why most North Carolinians aren’t aware of the tax cuts. That’s because the largest share of the reductions have gone to corporations and the state’s top 20 percent of earners. Meanwhile, taxpayers have seen the sales tax applied to online sales and more services, fees and fines have increased and urban counties have increased property taxes to make up for inadequate state funding for schools and services.

State Sen. Dan Blue, D-Wake, the Senate’s minority leader, said it’s not a mystery why most people are not celebrating modest savings in their personal income taxes. “They are aware that they are spending more than they are getting back in supposed tax breaks,” he said. Blue said most people would prefer that their tax dollars be well spent than reflexively cut to serve a low-tax philosophy. “People are willing to invest in a quality education system because they see the results of that much more than they see the benefit of getting $131 dollars,” he said.

So here we are. After a decade of relentless tax cutting, North Carolina has lost billions of dollars in tax revenue, public schools are struggling, state services are lacking and the people who were supposedly clamoring for income tax relief don’t even notice it because they’re paying more in sales taxes, fees and local taxes.

The legislature’s Republican leadership is free to take a bow, but most North Carolinians are holding their applause.


Click here to read a recent article that further details the impact of GOP tax cuts and here to explore the full editorial.

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