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The Progressive Pulse is a nonpartisan blog about the issues, debates, and people that affect North Carolina public policy. As with the organization that sponsors it, NC Policy Watch, its ultimate objective is to improve the quality of life in the state by advancing policy solutions that help bring about social, political and economic justice. NC Policy Watch does not endorse or oppose candidates for political office.

The Progressive Pulse welcomes the contributions of interested people of all points of view provided they are of a reasonable length, have some relevance to issues of North Carolina public policy and abide by the common rules of online etiquette (i.e., please avoid inappropriate language and show a measure of respect for others –even the John Locke Foundation). To post a comment, simply click the comment line then provide your name and email. Your email address will not be collected or shared. If you would like to be contributing writer, please send your post to info@ncpolicywatch.com [1] with ‘blog’ in the subject line. If the post meets with our criteria (has a progressive perspective and is relative to our state), we will publish it.