Why are highly educated Republican politicians so anti-education?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – Screenshot: KXAN News.

College is for pussies.

Ron DeSantis, presidential candidate and part-time governor of Florida, celebrated the decline in the numbers of men entering higher education, citing a Wall Street Journal article that says 60 percent of college students are now women, while in 1970 the number was closer to 40 percent.

“I guess there was a decline in the number of men, the percentage of men going to college or whatever. And they acted like this was a bad thing,” he said. “And, honestly, like, you know, to me, I think that is probably a good sign.”

Oh, hell yeah. Because you know what you get at a university? Ron DeSantis will tell you: “Intellectual repression” and “indoctrination.”

You may not realize this — especially if you’ve ever attended a university — but from the College of Nursing to computer sciences to the dreaded English Department, those America-hating commie professors rejoice in leading the Youth of America astray by making them read books and engage with the experience of people of different ethnicities and backgrounds in the hope of expanding students’ idea of what it means to be human, teaching them to question everything, interrogate sources of information, and discern the difference between facts and the crap mouth-breathing Trumpers post on the Internet.

According to Republicans, universities have always produced legions of Marx-curious, novel-reading, science-embracing, anti-racist and anti-sexist wokesters who hate saying “Merry Christmas.”

And yet, many of these graduates fail to become socialists dedicated to destroying the American Way of Life.

In fact, Ron DeSantis (B.A. Yale, J.D. Harvard), along with U.S. Sens. Tom Cotton (B.A., J.D. Harvard), Ted Cruz (B.A. Princeton, J.D. Harvard), and Josh Hawley (B.A. Stanford, J.D. Yale), plus new Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo (B.S. Wake Forest, M.D, Ph.D. Harvard), and jarhead opportunist J.D. Vance (B.A. Ohio State, J.D. Yale), seem to have escaped this alleged brainwashing.

Nevertheless, Florida’s governor sees universities as dangerous sites of elitist dissent against the divinely revealed truth that America is the greatest country ever, and American history is one long triumph piled on triumph.

An ordinary man, a man without the reinforced skull and intestinal fortitude of a Cotton, a Cruz, or a DeSantis, might lose his way in one of those places. Indeed, he might pick up dangerous ideas.

Better a man become a truck driver or a plumber than incur student loan debt cultivating his mind.

As DeSantis, speaking to the International Boatbuilders Exhibition last week in Tampa, said, “some of these universities are not giving you very much for your money.”

Spend all that borrowed cash learning about, say, evolutionary biology, the Spanish colonial empire, or African sculpture? Get a degree in, say, anthropology? Why, the only jobs you could get would be in medicine, diplomacy, art therapy, teaching, museum curating, environmental management, research, criminal forensics, market analysis, health care, business, communications, or technology!

And if you decide to major in English, well, who does that? Other than Mitt Romney, Martin Scorsese, Toni Morrison, Andrea Mitchell, Conan O’Brien, Sally Ride, Jodie Foster, Hank Paulson, Clarence Thomas, Michael Eisner, and other complete losers?

To be quite fair, the part-time governor had a half-intelligible point lurking inside his habitually maimed syntax. Vocational training is important: “I’m sure this industry needs good folks. You have folks, I mean, driving the trucks. You have people who are electrical.” Read more

Things could be worse — you could live in Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis reacts to Gainesville city employee Darris Friend’s suggestion that COVID vaccines change people’s RNA (actually, it doesn’t) during a news conference on Sept. 13. 2021. Source: Screenshot/Florida Channel

Columnist explains how Sunshine State COVID craziness keeps getting deeper

“Human kind,” said the poet, “cannot bear too much reality.”

Many Republicans seem especially resistant, preferring to dwell in a miasma of Deep State conspiracies and Internet nonsense inspiring them to believe that Hillary Clinton drinks babies’ blood, Trump won the 2020 election, and that ingesting over-the-feed-store-counter tablets for deworming horses is a better way to protect themselves against a deadly pandemic than getting a thoroughly tested, highly effective, FDA-approved vaccine.

I guess they’re no longer doing Clorox shots.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is Florida’s chief reality-denier. Last week, he threw a tantrum disguised as a press conference in Gainesville, flanked by Attorney General Ashley Moody and CFO Jimmy Patronis. He ranted against the federal vaccine mandate, threatening to fine cities and counties requiring employees to get the COVID jab $5,000 per infraction.

I mean, how dare the government try to save people’s lives?

Then, a couple of characters who were either disgruntled city employees or escapees from the local psych ward got to air their anti-vaccine foolishness. One woman implied that the vaccine might kill her and she didn’t want her children left motherless: “My body, my choice, my business,” she said. “I will not comply.”

Darris Friend, who said he’d worked for the city of Gainesville for 22 years, asserted, “The vaccine changes your RNA.”

Pro tips: The vaccine does not change your RNA. Nor will it kill you.

Want to know what will kill you? The Delta variant. And the cruel cynicism of Florida’s Republican leadership.

The governor could have politely corrected these poor deluded souls. Instead, he looked at the floor and grimaced.

Ashley Moody, who’d clearly left her brain in her car, applauded.

She’s running for reelection, and can’t win without Florida’s Dim Bulb vote.

But here’s the thing, y’all: Moody, Patronis, DeSantis, the governors of vaccine-recusant states like Texas, Mississippi, and Arizona, plus the entire Trump family, have all been vaccinated. They have not grown an extra head. They will not (sadly) be unable to reproduce.

Nevertheless, these Republicans are happy to gamble that they can keep the base braying and snarling and ready to fight the libs over their “free-dumbs” while not losing too many of their clueless-and-proud voters to the virus — which could turn out to be: 1) A fascinating illustration of Darwinism in action; and 2) An electoral problem for Republicans, whose old, white stalwarts are already dying off.

Florida’s COVID rate is appallingly high. Hospitals are grossly over-stretched and ICU beds hard to come by. Undertakers are working double shifts to keep up.

DeSantis’s response to this epic heath care mess is to fight the school boards that have mandated that students wear masks; fight local elected officials who want their employees vaccinated; and fight the president of the United States, who’s told business owners to either get their workers vaccinated to test the hell out of them.

If DeSantis hears that you have mandated your teenaged children get the vaccine, he may come to your house and fight you, too.

Belligerence is his brand and ignorance is his friend. Read more