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U.S. House members from N.C. asking for $278 million to fund 50 transportation projects

Several members — including Representatives Adams, Butterfield, Manning, Price and Ross — have submitted funding requests to support transit options like electric buses and greenways. Rep, Ross is seeking $9 million to construct an ADA Paratransit Facility in Raleigh. Rep. David Rouzer is requesting $3.84 million for r a highway exchange on Military Cutoff Road in Wilmington.

These requests come as infrastructure takes on a new significance in the U.S., following an expansive proposal by President Joe Biden for $2.3 trillion in spending that could help states pay for building and repairing scores of aging and failing highways, bridges and transit systems.

The White House continues negotiations with congressional Republicans, and it’s not yet clear how much money will be available to dole out or how. But lawmakers have also been presented with the opportunity to earmark transportation funds for the first time in a decade.

For example,  U.S. Rep. Garret Graves of Louisiana is seeking $1 billion through Congress’ revamped earmarks process. The Louisiana Republican says Baton Rouge desperately needs a new bridge to alleviate a crush of roadway congestion — at a cost of $955.2 million for several projects. That far exceeds the $20 million that House lawmakers have been told could flow back to each district if a new surface transportation bill is signed into law.

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