Little appetite for Manchin permitting bill in congressional lame-duck session

Republicans win control of the U.S. House with 218th seat

Republicans clinched a majority in the U.S. House on Wednesday night after a Republican won reelection to a California seat that put the GOP over the top, according to Associated Press projections.

Though not as decisive a victory as GOP leaders had hoped, Republican candidates flipped key seats in New York, Virginia, Oregon and Arizona — while benefiting from the once-a-decade redistricting process that allowed them to draw particularly favorable lines in Florida — and will control the chamber’s agenda in January.

A win for incumbent Mike Garcia over Democratic challenger Christy Smith in California clinched the 218 seats Republicans needed to form a majority. U.S. House Republicans already elected their slate of leaders for the 118th Congress on Tuesday, even though the party hadn’t yet secured the seats needed to take the majority.

Republicans’ majority is likely to be narrow, as Democrats lead in most of the yet-uncalled races.

Democrats had a stronger election on Nov. 8 than experts generally expected. They were projected to win 210 seats. In seven races, the AP had not yet made a call as of Wednesday night.

The Republican win means President Joe Biden will face a divided government after two years of governing with unified Democratic control. Read more

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